Teacher appreciation week 2021: May 3-7


Dear Parents, 


Welcome to our 2021-2022 Volunteer Drive!


The ISD PTA is comprised of dedicated parents, teachers and staff who volunteer their time and give generous donations to provide practical support for our school. That practical support comes in many shapes and sizes and requires a lot of volunteers. These volunteers all work in concert to further the mission of the ISD PTA.

The Mission of the PTA:

  • To enrich and augment the GPS and ISD IB Primary Years Curriculum. Curriculum Enrichment is a cornerstone of our mission and provides staff and children the opportunity touch, see, feel and experiment in and out of the classroom while providing a spectrum of fun, educational and exciting experiences.
  • To enhance the school through beautification, staff support, technology, teaching tools and capital improvements.
  • To encourage a sense of community and belonging. ISD is much like big extended family and that is in large part due to our many outreach programs, family events and activities. We are not your average neighborhood school; roughly 45% of our students are admitted via lottery and the other 55% are from the ISD district, so we strive to reach out to all of our families and create a sense of unity and belonging.
  • To provide a voice for our community and children to advocate for a higher level of engagement and communication within our school and district.

We encourage every parent to review the roles available to see where they can best contribute to our PTA and take part in enriching the lives of our ISD students and families. While there is still uncertainty about what events we will be able to host in the next school year and some events may not happen, we are hoping to have a full roster of events and are recruiting volunteers as such. 


When you sign up, a member of the nominating committee will contact you to talk about the role. Thanks so much for your support!


The ISD PTA Nominating Committee




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As a PTA member you have a voice and a vote in your PTA and have access to the Online ISD Family Directory. Whether your contribution is $25 or $250, it’s an affirmative statement of your support and helps us reach our goal of 100% family participation.







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