Show your ISD spirit around town this summer with your new ISD tees!



The ISD Spiritwear team will be offering two new special edition ISD tshirts to celebrate a very unique year and get roarin' for the summer. 


  • Due to popular demand we have returned the Camo Sports T-shirt with a new style and have added adult sizes!
  • Deadline for Orders is June 11
  • T-shirts will be made available for contactless pickup outside ASF Promotions (551 E Putnam Ave, Cos Cob/ by Gopher Ice Cream) the week of June 22nd.
  • Families living within ISD zoned neighborhoods can also select to have t-shirts delivered to their doorstep.  


Click Here To Order 



9am to 1pm (weather permitting).

Please place your books on the cart (not on the ground, please). 

**This is for library books only.  See Classroom book return information below.



Below please see the scheduled organized by your child's/children's last name.  


Thursday, June 4th     Friday, June 5th  
10 - 11am   A - B   9am - 10am          M
11am - 12pm C   10am - 11am N - P
1pm - 2pm D - G   11am - 12pm R - S
2pm - 3pm H - J   1pm - 2pm T - W
3pm - 4pm K - L   2pm - 3pm* X - Z
*"make up" time slot if your designated time does not work


  1. Please come at your designated time slot and have your child's/children's last name on a piece of paper in the windshield that is easily visible.
  2. Please proceed to the back of the school and loop around the parking lot near the gym and start to make your way up the driveway.  Stop at the path under the cement canopy, so someone who has a walkie talkie can read your name and communicate it to Mr. Matejek or me, who will be at the rear entrance of the school.  When you come up to the rear entrance, your child(ren's) belongings, including any musical instruments they left behind, will be placed in your car.  
  3. If you have any books belonging to teachers, we will collect them at this time.  (Library books are being collected in a different manner by placing them in the cart at the front of the school, if you have not already done so.)
  4. We are not collecting IPads.  Students are keeping them over the summer.
  5. If you are not able to come at your time and plan on sending a designee, please email me ahead of time.  Also, there is a "make up" time slot on Friday, June 5th from 2-3.
  6. Try to stagger your arrival during the hour time slot so everyone is not arriving at the beginning. 
  7. No one should be exiting their cars and no one is allowed in the building.