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One Book, One School Program

This summer, the PTA partnered with the school and Mrs. Martellino to create a shared reading experience for the whole school. Each family was given a copy of the book The Very, Very Far North by Dan Bar-El. We hope all families enjoy this book as a family read aloud this summer and we can return to school with the common experience of sharing a book together. 


If you have not viewed the ISD One Book, One School introductory video created by Dan Bar-El, please watch it with your children.


The plot is appropriate for K-5 and yet, there are enough layers in the story to provoke higher level conversations with upper elementary students. The characters teach us about friendship while underscoring the need to appreciate and value our differences.  The characters exhibit all of the IB Learner Profile attributes. There's a lovely philosophical thread throughout that reminds us that days can have different possibilities and that people and experiences can open our eyes to perspectives. It’s a hopeful message and one we need to experience with our children.  I especially love the writing style and the way in which the narrator provides a third-person omniscient point of view who stops regularly to directly address the reader. An added bonus: the sequel to The Very, Very Far North comes out in October 2020! 


Here are some General discussion questions to use with any fiction book to guide conversations about the text. Mrs. Martellino encourages us to not make reading and discussing a chore but to allow it to be a pleasurable experience and let the conversation flow naturally. 


Happy Reading!!