The International School at Dundee PTA presents the 4th Annual:


 Saturday, October 10th 


What is the Greenwich Color Challenge: Virtual Edition?


For the past three years the Greenwich Color Challenge has been a color fun run that included a 1.5 mile run/walk and obstacle course including 10+ obstacle stations and 6 color powder stations where participants are dusted with color. It is a wonderful celebration of color, family, friends and fun where everyone gets decked out in their most colorful accessories and comes ready to run, walk, jump, climb, dodge, duck, laugh and have a great time! Over 600 people from all over Greenwich participated last year!


This year due to the current circumstances and Covid restrictions at the schools we are planning to continue the Greenwich Color Challenge with a virtual race. Registered participants will receive a tshirt and color packets, dress up in their wild and colorful outfits and do a 1.5 mile walk/run on Saturday, October 10th at a location of their choosing. We hope to see the bursts of color around Greenwich as we all celebrate this fun and silly event!!


We hope to see our Instagram and Facebook feeds full of photos from all of our participants and will be having several photo contests and prizes!


What does virtual mean?

Virtual means that on Saturday, October 10th you and your friends or family will decide where and when you want to walk/run your 1.5 miles and throw your color packets! You can do it first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon! You can do it with whoever you choose! Whatever you do we hope you will have a blast and take lots of photos and tag @greenwichcolorchallenge!


More information will follow on photo challenges and street contests!



When is it?


The 4th Annual Greenwich Color Challenge will be held on October 10th, 2020. 



What is the color powder in the color packets?


The color powder is cornstarch colored with food coloring. It is the same powder used for Holi Festivals. It is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean off. 








What is the colored powdered made from?  Corn starch and food coloring. 


Will the color come out of my clothes? Generally yes, but the sooner you wash them the more likely they will go back to the original color. 


What if I want to preserve the colors in my color run shirt?  Try to keep the colored powder on the shirt.  Spray vinegar all over the shirt.  Iron the shirt while wet with vinegar.  Dry the shirt in the dryer.  Wear it again!


Can I walk during the Greenwich Color Challenge?  Yes; the race is a run and/or walk!