What did you do at school today?

From one parent to another, we know our kids don't always tell us what is going on at school. So here are some helpful links and resources from your PTA Academic Excellence Committee to give you a centralized place to find information about what's happening at school.


All of the links provided are public information available in different sections of the Greenwich Public Schools websites that we have gathered here for your convenience and are meant to give you a picture of what the learning program looks like on a district/school level. But every teacher and classroom is unique so we encourage you to always read your teacher's classroom updates and reach out to them if you have questions or concerns.


IB? What is that? 

Our curriculum at ISD is woven throughout International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program units of study so that students learn math, science, social studies and English through the program of inquiry. Click here to learn more about IB at ISD.


The IB Programme of Inquiry and Unit Timeline per grade can be found here. 



WHat are they actually learning?    

Curriculum units per grade can be found on the Greenwich Public Schools Website.



Information about the district's Strategic Plan and Vision of the Graduate can be found here: https://www.greenwichschools.org/district-information/strategic-plan


How is learning made personal for our kids? Click here for a video of a presentation given by a panel of GPS teachers on how they implement Making Learning Personal for our students. 


What standardized tests and assessments are being given?       

Click here to learn more about assessments in the Greenwich Public Schools   


The link below gives detailed information about what assessments are given in each grade. The charts starting on page 3 are most informative.



What's the deal with Homework?                                                                                                                                                                           

The district policy on homework can be found here. There are guidelines for the number of minutes students should spend on homework per grade. 



Each teacher has an individual approach to homework. You may want to ask your teacher some questions about their individual approach to homework. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Does the homework time include independent reading or is it on top of reading time?
  2. What should I do if my child is having trouble completing their homework in the time allotted? Should he/she work on the homework until completed or spend the amount of time suggested and stop there?
  3. Should I note on my child's homework when an assignment is particularly difficult or it takes them much more than the time allotted?
  4. Should I help with homework? If my child can't understand something, should I explain it to them? Or should we make a note on the homework so you can explain it in class?
  5. Do you have any homework incentive systems in your classroom? Do you count a homework as incomplete if a student cannot finish it because they could not understand or it took them longer than the time allocated.                                                                                                   

When are Parent-Teacher Conferences at ISD?

At ISD we have one parent conference with the teacher in December and one student-led conference in the spring.


What is a student-led conference? In the student-led conference your child will show you work they have completed throughout the year and tell you about what they have learned. You do not meet with the teacher.


If you want more information on how your child is doing, you should reach out to your teacher and ask for a meeting or phone call. Teachers want you to reach out if you have concerns or questions. Just because there is not a set meeting date does not mean you can't meet. We have great teachers at ISD and they want to work with you to ensure your child has a productive school year. 


Some thoughts on questions you might want to consider when preparing for you meeting with your children's teachers:

  • Is my child performing at grade level?

  • What are my child’s strengths and weaknesses in reading, math, and


  • How much time should my child spend on homework?

  • Are my child’s assignments completed accurately?

  • Does my child have special learning needs? 

  • Does my child have close friends? How well does my child get along with the

    other students?

  • What can we do at home to support classroom learning?

  • What is the best way to keep in touch with you?

We would also recommend you tell your teacher if there are things going on at home that can impact your child's readiness to learn in the classroom, such as:

  • If you child is anxious or stressed about going to school in the morning
  • If your child is having a difficult time with homework.
  • If your child is not sleeping well.
  • If your child is stressed or anxious about things going on at home. 


What special things happen in each grade? 

At ISD field trips and special events compliment the curriculum.  While these may change year to year, in the last school year each grade at ISD has participated in these field trips and special events:

  • Kindergarten:
    • Partnership with Stamford Museum and Nature Center  (2 field trips)            
    • Beardsley Zoo Trip                                                                                
    • Visit from Greenwich Fire Department                                                                                             
    • Kindergarten End of Year Performance
  • 1st Grade
    • Pilgrim Centers
    • Partnership with Greenwich Audubon Center (1 field trip)
    • Trip to Perrot Library
  • 2nd Grade
    • Partnership with Stamford Museum and Nature Center (1 field trip)
    • Greenwich Symphony Young People's Concert at Greenwich High School
  • 3rd Grade
    • IB Meaningful Movements Unit Project with student ballet performance
    • Bush Holly House Trip
    • Phillipsburg Manor Trip
    • Greenwich Symphony Young People's Concert at Greenwich High School
  • 4rd Grade
    • Museum Trip to Guggenheim
    • Risk-Taker Unit Presentation for parents
    • Partnership with Sound Waters (Schooner Trip)
    • Greenwich Symphony Young People's Concert at Greenwich High School
  • 5th Grade
    • 5th Grade Exhibition - Culminating IB Project 
    • Pequot Museum Trip
    • Philadelphia Trip
    • Greenwich Symphony Young People's Concert at Greenwich High School
    • Orienteering Trip with other EMS Feeder Schools
    • Trip to EMS
    • Moving Up Ceremony

Additional Resources

Resources from the National PTA



The information and links on this page are public information available from the Greenwich Public School District, ISD and National PTA.  This information is gathered here by your ISD PTA Academic Excellence team for your convenience.  The ISD PTA is not responsible for the content from GPS and/or ISD school. The goal of the town-wide Academic Excellence PTA committee is to help parents access the information and tools they need to be partners in their child's learning. We appreciate your feedback. Email Jessica at jessica.enrightpolanish@gmail.com or Ana at analaborde@yahoo.com with comments and suggestions.